Worship Wednesdays: Tenth Avenue North’s Control (Somehow You Want Me)

I love music, and I love Jesus, so I wanted to start a new series called Worship Wednesdays, where I highlight music that is speaking to my heart at the present moment. The songs may be current hits you can hear on KLOVE or The Message, or they might be songs that just meet e where I’m at right now.

This week I am highlighting a song by Tenth Avenue North that is changing my life right now! Tenth Avenue North is such an awesome worship band, but this song right here has me in tears every time I listen to it. It is off their album Followers, and is called Control (Somehow You Want Me).

It speaks to me because I still like to think I have control over certain aspects of my life, but God quickly reminds me that this life is not my own. The part of the song that gets me, though, is that refrain. This man is crying out to Jesus, saying:

You want me

Somehow you want me

The King of Heaven want me

So this World has lost it’s grip on me.

Like, even in the midst of my sin, junk, and stuff, He still wants ME! Powerful stuff!


1 thought on “Worship Wednesdays: Tenth Avenue North’s Control (Somehow You Want Me)

  1. Hi Brittny,

    Well where do I start? I’m so happy that you have found Christ. I was hesitant to send a comment but I can’t help but say something. I see you are doing well. I was going to ask you “Where is Brittny?” This can’t be the person I once knew. But i quickly realize that you have undergone a great change. Isn’t God good? I love to see the people that I once knew in a past life come into the knowledge of the truth and begin to walk in their purpose. I could say a whole lot more but most of all I’m really happy for you. I mean who would have ever thought you would be on camera talking let alone talking about the love of Christ. Jesus!!!!

    With love
    Tiffany formerly know as Bizzy. (Lol)

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