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Worship Wednesdays: Rescuer (Good News) by Rend Collective

Worship Wednesdays

Welcome to another edition of Worship Wednesdays, where I share a worship song that is meaningful in my life right now. This week’s song was handpicked by Little, which makes it even more special! She particularly enjoys the chorus and refrain, singing along whenever it comes on the radio. The song is Rescuer (Good News), by an awesome band from Ireland, Rend Collective.


This is a song for those of us who never seem to get it right. Who can’t relate to some of the other Christian songs because we don’t feel good enough, or worthy.  Rescuer has powerful lyrics, from beginning to end. One if my favorite parts of the song is in the refrain, and it speaks to the redeeming power of Christ:

Come and be chainless

Come and be fearless

Come to the foot of Calvary

There is redemption

For every affliction

Here at the foot of Calvary

Reading the words on the page is powerful enough, but listening to Rend Collective sing their words takes it to another level!

Check out the video below for more on the power of this song. You can also check out last week’s Worship Wednesday edition here.

See you next week for another edition of Worship Wednesdays!


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