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Should Christians Date Non-Believers? This is My Experience

The answer to this question might seem obvious, but let’s be real. Being a single woman in your thirties (or any age for that matter) is tough. At 35, I’m starting to wonder if I will ever get married agian. I never really dated to begin with. I always just ended up in relationships with people I know, either from work or school. And, I have RARELY dated since becoming a Christian. So, now I am a 35 year-old Christian single mom. My dating pool just got a whole lot smaller!¬†Will I find the one God has for me? Does He even have one for me, or is single-hood His intent? Will Little ever have a brother or sister, or will we have to come to terms with her being an only child? These are some of the things I think of when I’m yearning for a relationship.

Some may say, “There’s gotta be someone at your church, right?” Well, I have found that at 35, I am too old for the co-ed young adult ministry, yet too young for some of the others. And, apparently, you’re either supposed to be married by 35, or else you are relegated to your gender-specific ministry. This has lead me to take matters into my own hands, and look for dating partners outside of the church.

Check out the video below to hear about my experiences dating a non-believer, and one with which I was not equally yoked.

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