Disney World Raises Prices in 2018

It was recently announced that the price to gain admission to the Happiest Place on Earth is going up, up, up. Single-day Disney tickets for all three seasons (peak, regular, and value) have increased as of Sunday, February 11. Prices for annual passes have increased as well.

New Prices as of February 11, 2018

Specifically, a one-day ticket to Magic Kingdom during the regular season is now $119, up from $115. One-day tickets to the other parks (Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom) have increased to $114, a $7 increase. Peak and value season tickets to Magic Kingdom are now $129 and $109, respectively. A one day tickets to the other three parks will cost you $122 during peak season, and $102 during the value season. Prices for the kiddos (ages 3-9) have increased as well.

Annual passes will now set you back $729 for the Platinum pass (a $50 increase), $589 for the Gold pass (a $30 increase), and $439 for the Silver pass (a mere $20 increase). Keep in mind, Gold and Silver passes are only for Florida residents and DVC members, though other pass types are available to everyone else.

What does this mean for those of us traveling on a budget? Not much. Remember, the majority of price increases are for single-day tickets, which I would not recommend to begin with. Chances are, you are going to enjoy Disney for more than one day, which means you should be purchasing multi-day tickets anyways. Disney also tends to offer discounted multi-day tickets during  slower times of the year, which tend to be the best times to visit the parks.

And though the price for the most expensive annual pass (Platinum) has gone up even more, those of us on a budget are probably not trying to spend $729 on a ticket to begin with. The Silver Pass, at $439, is still a great value for anyone planning to visit more than once a year. And remember, as a Florida resident, you are able to break up the payments over the course of the year, interest-free.

So, rest assured, a Disney vacation is still within reach, even for those of us on a budget.

Need help planning the perfect Disney vacation on a budget? Just ask! Shoot me a message, and I would be happy to assist you. In the meantime, check out more ways to save money at Disney.

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